Publicly traded corporations are the true Terminators, meat-and-machine hybrids, soulless AIs driven by algorithms to conquer the world, grinding us all to dust, extracting every resource, squeezing the last drop of blood from the last stone, driven by their directive to do just one thing: maximize shareholder profits.

We have…

I didn't blame anything on the Reagan. My point was that the Democratic Party has gone conservative and is intent on defending the established Neoliberal Order. The Republicans, meanwhile, have gone off the deep end, plunging headlong into Christian Nationalist extremism.

What is “Gapjil”?

Every society has people who punch down. In America, we tend to call them “bullies,” and what they do to those weaker than them “bullying.” Koreans describe certain forms of bullying using the word “gapjil (갑질).”

Korean contracts usually specify two parties, Party A and Party B, and sometimes a…

Danny Graham

Exvangelical skeptic, Korean-English translator (, stressed-out freelancer, wandering wonderer, human in search of meaning

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